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 Caring Hands
  Caring Hands

We see ourselves as a good corporate citizen, a respected member of society in all 190 countries where we do business – that is, in practically every part of the world. In the course of our activities, we encounter a great variety of challenges and expectations regarding business, society and the environment. Nonetheless, the concrete projects we implement at the local level are in line with certain overriding priorities

Siemens’ commitment to good corporate citizenship leads to the project “Caring Hands” (CH) which will be the umbrella for SBL’s socially responsible activities. This project will be headed and steered by the Corporate Communications & Marketing department (CC&M), with Task-Force acting as a coordination point.

Being conscious about our social-responsibility towards society, SBL supports all kinds of welfare services. Some of the commendable ones are the monetary support for arts and culture including the sponsorship at the Islamia Eye Hospital, sponsoring various sports tournaments, donation to book translation, donation of power equipments to charity, providing charity donations at the UCEP-School, grand sponsoring for educational seminar at BUET, assisting in the internship of university students as well as the donations to rehabilitation programs (CRP) and Disaster Relief Donation programs.

Following this, the CH budget for FY 06/07 will be allocated to three projects:

  1. SEID Trust (Special Education for Intellectually Disabled)
    • Voluntary organization, founded in 2003, to provide support and rehabilitate intellectually and multiple disabled into society:
        → Education, speech and occupational therapies
        → Physiotherapy
        → Vocational Training, parents meeting, counseling.

    • Also raises mass awareness of disability through networking, advocacy and right based interventions

  2. Islamia Eye Hospital
    Islamia Eye Hospital is an opthalmological hospital located in Bangladesh. Since its inception in 1960, Islamia Eye Hospital continues to meet the eye care needs of Bangladesh. The hospital prides itself in the quality of its service, cleanliness, patient handling as well as support services for indoor patients. It also has a medical / surgical follow up regimen. The hospital currently works in collaboration with different international organizations such as SBL for prevention of blindness.
    • Providing modern, efficient and cost effective eye care
    • Hospital for all
    • Treatment

    •   → Outdoor department (OPD)
        → Fast track service
        → Surgery
        → Counseling
        → Indoor
        → Sub-specialty ?often “Free” Surgery

  3. UCEP School:
    Bangladesh is the home of more than 6 million working children accounting for around 5% of the world’s working child population (between the ages of 5 and 14) numbering 120 million. Of them, 1.1 million live in urban areas, mostly in the four metropolitan cities of Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, and Rajshahi. Many of them live in slums under most unhygienic conditions. They are engaged in hazardous jobs, working on the average 48 hours per week and they earn less than Tk. 500 (US $ 10) per month.

    UCEP – the Underprivileged Children’s Educational Programs, is a beacon of hope for such working children. Pursuing an integrated strategy of human resources development, incorporating general education followed by skills training and employment placement services, UCEP promises them a bright future with:
    • Upgraded skills
    • Better jobs, and
    • Scope to climb up the social and economic ladder on road to improve standard of living for themselves, their families, and an assured future for their next generation, free of child labor

    Considering that Siemens’goal is not only to generate business, but also to give a part of the earning back to the community, it has been decided that a certain amount of SBL’s profit (1% of SBL’s Income after Tax) will be dedicated towards the Caring Hands budget.
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